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Limited Company Dubai Information

When the name of a company ends with L.L.C / LLC, it is a legal form of business which is incorporated as a company and offers restricted liability to its members.

Limited liability means that a person investing in the business can face a loss which is up to a maximum of the net worth of the company at that point of time.

Incorporation LLC vs. other types of incorporation

The beauty of an incorporation LLC vs. other types of companies is that, in case of losses incurred by the company or when the company is being wound up, unlike for the sole trader and partnership, the personal belongings of the investor are not called upon in case where the assets of the company are fewer than its liabilities.

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Types of Limited Company Dubai

Thus the above type of incorporation is the safest way to invest your money and is preferred all over the world.

A Limited Liability Company can further be divided into two (2) categories.

  • Corporation Limited by Shares
  • Corporation Limited by Guarantee

Setting up a Limited Company Dubai is Simpler and Quicker

Limited Company Dubai has several characteristics which are enlisted below

  • Owners of the LLC are called members
  • Number of members in an LLC is unlimited
  • Members may be individuals, corporations, or other LLCs

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Advantages of a Limited Company Dubai

The primary advantage of incorporation LLC is the protection given to its members at the time of bankruptcy. Other advantages are listed below:

  • It is a separate legal entity from its members
  • An incorporation LLC’s members cannot be held personally liable
  • Limited liability companies can adopt various forms of distribution of profit
  • The LLC business structure requires no corporate minutes or resolutions and is easier to operate
  • The members of LLC avoid double taxation on their income
  • There is no intervening structure in a Limited Company Dubai
  • Limited Company Dubai have more flexible profit distribution methods
  • There is no curtailing of investment and number of members
  • The entire structure is comparatively informal, ensuring the smooth and easier running of the business
  • Setting up a Limited Company Dubai is simpler and quicker
  • No loss of power to board of directors (BOD) based on number of members

Forming a LLC? Be aware of the laws!

The important factor to be considered when forming a L.L.C/LLC is that this is a relatively newer form of business available to you.

As a result of this most of the countries have different rules and regulations for setting up LLC’s. Before setting up an LLC for yourself you should be aware of the laws applicable in the jurisdiction where it is being setup.

Please seek out legal advice or advice from professional accountants.

When looking for a lawyer, ensure that he or she has knowledge of and experience in setting up a limited liability company under the particular laws of the state or country jurisdiction where you intend registering your company.

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