Mauritius Facts: A 10 Mn Year Old Archipelago, Home To Companies With The Highest FDI Into India

Mauritius facts: Currently, it is the only country that enjoys the special double tax treaty with India allowing resident Mauritius companies to avoid capital gains taxes on shares and withholding taxes on dividends

Mauritius is an archipelago (a cluster of Islands is known as an archipelago) formed almost 10 million years ago due to undersea volcanic eruptions but is now volcanically inactive. Together with Rodrigues and Reunion it forms the Mascarene Islands.

Talking about Mauritius facts, it is a tropical country – check out the current temperature below – and attracts a considerable amount of tourists during the summer months between May to November. Winter is not as harsh as in other countries but is rather dry. However cyclones tend to affect Mauritius between November to April.

Mauritius is known for its natural beauty and sea beaches. Port Louis is the capital and some of the other important towns are Curepipe, Flacq, Quatre Bornes, Rose hill, Vacoas and Phoenix. Mauritius facts also speak about places such as the Black river gorges known for its dense forests with different types of exotic birds and unique plant species.

Though officially known as the Republic of Mauritius it is also known by other fancy names such as ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and ‘Star of the Indian Ocean’. Regarded as one of the most sought after holiday destinations, its resort areas like Mont Choisy are very popular with tourists.

Similarly Flic en Flac is popular with scuba divers and Riviere Noire for deep-sea fishing.

Mauritius facts also shed light on some other interesting information about this Island. The ‘Dodo’ bird which became extinct used to live in Mauritius till its complete extinction from earth. Sega shows are very popular with tourists with shows being organized in coastal hotels. In fact Sega which has its roots in Africa found recognition in Mauritius. Traditional goat-skin percussion instruments are used to produce music for this unique dance and are played by men with women performing an accompanying dance.

Decorated with raw splendor and breathtaking beauty, Mauritius has been quite successful in preserving its resources.

Mauritius facts tell us that it is officially a part of Africa though it is quite far away from it, almost 1900 kms away. Located in the South West Indian Ocean it is also accessible from India.

The population comprises of Africans, Indians, Europeans and Chinese and it has the highest per capita income in the continent, mostly because of its business of company incorporation in Mauritius. The main industries of Mauritius are sugarcane farming and manufacturing and tourism.

Port Louis, its capital, is a busy port with a modern waterfront and bustling market. Mauritius has developed significantly since its independence in 1968. It has evolved from an agriculture based country into a diversified economy.

Mauritius facts point out that though the economy of this Island country relies on textile, sugarcane and tourism industries yet different sectors are also developing as well. Though the sugarcane industry brings about 25 percent of the total country’s income the government of Mauritius is now focusing on the foreign investment sector and the offshore Mauritius banking sector to further strengthen its economy. With offshore company administration becoming the preferred choice for investors, Mauritius, with its investor-friendly investment policy is attracting people from all over the globe.

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