Offshore Company Administration Mauritius, The Best Incorporation Fee Details

Now that you have decided that you want offshore company administration Mauritius – your incorporation fee is determined accordingly.

We can also help you with Mauritius banking and introduce you and your offshore company to a respectable bank.

But you still have a choice in the type of company, the type of anonymity and the country in which you expect to do business.

Our best incorporation fee for an offshore company administration Mauritius includes:

a. Processing fee to the Financial Service Commission [FSC].

b. Incorporation Fee.

c. Company Seal, initial Courier charges, other minor disbursements.

d. Annual License Fee [FSC].

e. Annual Registration Fee [ROC].

f. Registered Office.

g. Company Secretary.

h. Two Resident Directors for GBL 1 companies [one for GBL 2].

i. Minimum Annual Statutory Fee.

j. 1st time compliance fee.

Some incorporation agents will provide you with a item wise price. Sorry, but we don’t because we need to give you a total service.

Our fee for the GBL 1 Mauritius resident company is US$ 8,400.00 to start and then US$ 6,650.00 on a recurring basis for all the items listed above.

The GBL 2, simple Mauritius offshore company costs US$ 1,100.00 for incorporation and then again the same amount annually.

Both the Trusts and Protected Cell Company [PCC] are special types of companies and the charges will be based on your requirements starting with US$ 8,000 for incorporation of a Trust and about EUR 35,000 for a PCC based fund or Insurance company.

The annual recurring charges are normally lower.

However, depending on where you will use the company and whether you need nominee shareholders and for other administrative charges, you can save our price list on to your computer.

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