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Offshore Investment Trusts | 5 Ways To Better Manage Your Wealth

Offshore investment trusts: Wealth management, primary factors, optimizing returns, Mauritius offshore trusts

1. Offshore investment trusts: Private wealth management (PWM)

Offshore investment trusts: Effective private wealth management must include offshore investment and evolves with your requirements.

Do you need wealth management? Everyone needs a financial plan regardless of there life stage because a good financial plan should be fluid and constantly evolve just as your life is.

Private wealth management is the term generally used to describe highly customized and sophisticated investment management and financial planning services delivered to high and medium net worth investors.

Wealth management is also concerned with the preservation of family wealth, the transmission of wealth from generation to generation and meeting the income demands of the living in an increasingly complex financial world.

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2. Offshore investment trusts: Primary factors

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute curriculum on “Private Wealth Management” indicates that there are two primary factors that distinguish the issues facing individual investors from those of institutions.

Firstly, time horizons are different. Individuals face a finite life as compared to the potentially infinite life of institutions. This fact requires strategies for transferring assets at the end of an individual’s life.

These transfers are subject to laws and regulations that vary from locality to locality and therefore the strategies available to address this situation vary.

An offshore structure including a company or trust is essential to make this transfer tax efficient.

A secondary factor contributes to different portfolio management strategies for individuals and institutions. Individuals are more likely to face a variety of taxes on investment returns than offshore structures.

Many people opt to invest in offshore investments to minimize taxes.

3. Offshore investment trusts: Optimizing returns

Portfolio management techniques that provide individuals with after-tax returns that meet their objectives are necessarily going to be specific to these tax structures.

The concept of protecting and securing assets by placing them within an offshore trust structure dates back to the 11th century.

Those who offer private wealth management services often find that the utilization of an offshore asset protection trust is fundamental to protecting their client’s confidentiality and asset security.

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4. Offshore investment trust: Offshore structures

The use of offshore trusts and companies offers a wide range of benefits to a private individual looking to structure his or her assets.

Alone or in tandem, they can provide effective mechanisms to pursue some or all of the following objectives:

  • Protection against domestic political and economic upheaval.
  • Tax efficiency.
  • Efficient asset management via consolidation.
  • Protection against prodigality.
  • Confidentiality of ownership.
  • Protection against forced heir-ship laws.
  • Transmission of assets on death.

An offshore asset protection trust structure can be useful to an individual wishing to remove assets away from the reach of unfair litigation.

As a trust removes a layer of transparency it can be harder for someone to decide whether or not an individual is a financially interesting target to sue!

Those who have substantial business and personal assets often find that an offshore trust structure is essential to their personal wealth management needs and also for the protection and security of their business.

An offshore trust helps with ongoing tax planning and estate tax planning.

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5. Offshore investment trusts: Mauritius offshore trusts

Offshore trusts and taxation are specialist areas of expertise and careful selection of a trust company, trustees, and offshore jurisdiction are essential for the individual to ensure their actions are legal, tax efficient and appropriate for their requirements.

Mauritius is a jurisdiction increasingly chosen for both personal and business asset protection purposes. Trust law in Mauritius is well established. Trusts, trustees and all parties relevant to the establishment and management of a Mauritius trust are closely regulated. So the Settlor (the person placing their assets in trust) has greater confidence in the jurisdiction.

Anyone considering establishing an offshore trust would be wise to seek professional advice and assistance.

Offshore investment trusts: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and discover the ways to better manage your wealth

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