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Starting a business: Walk off that extra mile that failures decline to pass through

Starting a business: When you possess a company or if you are thinking of setting up one then you should think about registering your company. Once you register it you will have more flexibility to smooth the progress of you to expand your business enhanced.

You can register your company in any kingdom. So choose the nation for starting a business where its rules and regulations considering business name registration are suitable for your company, your prospective customers, or dealers, or employees. Registering your company gives you many advantages and you should choose a jurisdiction that gives you the freedom to do business without disturbances.

However, first, you have to get a name for your company before starting a business and then the next footstep would be to register it. This would give you the right to run business practices under your selected company name and is the first step towards constructing your brand name.

Starting a business: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and be a winner

In point of fact business name registration for starting a business lets you use your company name to carry out your business lawfully and in the long run is necessary to build your uniqueness with your stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, community, lenders, investors, and government.

There are some reasonable reasons why you should register your company name for starting a business. Now if you want to start a business in more than one state in a specific country then each time you have to register your business in every state that you do business. However, if your company name is already registered once in a country then you are allowed to do business throughout that country. When you do business it is normal for you to hope growth and add more consumers. The business name registration then is a symbol of hope for growth.

Moreover registering your company name before starting a business rather than your business reflects more significance on your part and gives an appearance of hardness especially if it is incorporation. Although registering your company name can be luxurious with annual fees running quite high every year, it still shows your clients and opponents alike that you are somber and that your company is here to stay.

Starting a business: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and be a winner

Business name registration gives your organization a solid foundation and branding.

One better thing about registration for starting a business is that it can bring in more investors who are willing to invest in your company ventures. Investors are always wary of vague investments and if your business is not registered they might have second thoughts on their investments even if your business is quite lucrative.

Investors as a subject of fact shy away from liabilities but if your business is registered they are more enthusiastic to take risks and thereby provide capital to carry forward your business projects. A registered business means that it is has audited accounts, follows rules of company law disclosure, and follows certain well-defined practices. You must be clear about all these requirements before starting a business.

Business name registration for starting a business gives you another advantage; it protects your personal assets. Your registered company is accountable only for its own profits and liabilities. In the event of a company liability becoming overdue, your individual assets will not be called upon to pay for them, legally.

This does not mean that you have to distance yourself from company liabilities or you do not want your company to breed. It means that if ever your company goes insolvent, your creditors cannot seize your assets to get back their dues, rather they would have only the company property and other assets to sell off to clear debts.

Starting a business: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and be a winner

Steps for Registration and Trade Name

First: Submit documents listed below for approval

  • Registration and licensing application.
  • Copy of applicant’s passport (collectively with residence permit/visa details for non-GCC states nationals).
  • Copy of applicant’s naturalization identification for UAE citizens only.
  • NOC Letter from the applicant’s present sponsor for non GCC nationals.
  • Copy of the director’s passport, and NOC letter from the director’s current sponsor.
  • Authorization from the court to perform a business, for applicants under 21 years.
  • Authorization issued by other Government authorities according to the category of activity.

Second: Submit documents listed below after initial Approval

  • Initial sanction receipt
  • All papers submitted prior in order to get the Preliminary Approval.
  • Copy of office lease including the plot number.

Appointment agreement of Local Services Agent (lSA) duly validated by the Notary Public in the Emirate for professional licenses of non-GCC nationals refer form Appointment Contact of Local Services Agent.

Starting a business: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and be a winner

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