Registering An Offshore Company

Registering An Offshore Company
| Caring Agent Is A Must

Registering an offshore company: Lawyers and specialists register offshore. Choose one you are comfortable with

Registering an offshore company: When forming an offshore company finding a registration agent should be your top priority.

1. There are many types of company incorporation agents. A lawyer who also incorporates companies may be a good choice especially if your structure is complicated with tax issues and is in multiple countries.

A lawyer’s fee is generally high compared to other types of agents.

2. Another option is to locate agents in the country you wish to incorporate your offshore company in. These may be specialists in just registering companies. They are normally the least expensive and will have access to legal support as necessary.

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3. The best way to find an agent in an offshore jurisdiction would be through the web. You can shortlist 5 based on how informative their website is and how its content resonates with you.

Some of them may offer you free answers. You can then communicate with them to identify who you want to work with.

Lawyers usually charge per hour so any advice they give you will not be free.

The agent’s fee need not be your selection criteria. Even if the fee is higher it will be worth it if you trust their advice. Good advice will save you thousands of dollars in the future.

4. Before you embark on an incorporation list down your top 3 objectives. This will make your registration cheaper and also allow your agent to give you clear alternatives.

Do some internet research. Alternatively, if your shortlisted agents are willing, ask them all your questions.

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5. Remember that all offshore centers require you to incorporate only through certified registration agents. Most agents are certified in one or two jurisdictions and have trusted networks that help them to register your company in other jurisdictions.

This works to your advantage because economies of scale allow you to develop a relationship with one company while getting your registration done elsewhere.

6. You should be comfortable with your agent because he will be your help and support through the life of your company.

If your agent is uncomfortable with you or the fee you pay him you will find a lag in responses and general apathy.

This may be OK with you if you are looking for a quick incorporation and then a sale of the offshore company.

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