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Company incorporation: Registration agent, suffix, common uses, KYC documents

Company incorporation offshore is the process by which a business comes into legal existence. This makes the company an entity with legal rights e.g. contracts, ownership of assets, legal claims.

Company incorporation offshore agents can help you to achieve this registration relatively pain free. They incorporate dozens of offshore companies every month and are familiar with the rules of that jurisdiction.

They are also in a position to advice you on the optimum choice of legal entity that fits your objectives.

A ‘corporation’ is also known as a ‘company’ in many countries. Both words have the same implications and represent a body incorporated under the relevant country’s company laws.

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Incorporation offshore in some cases is abbreviated as Inc. and company is abbreviated as Co. Other suffixes are Ltd, SA, PLC and others. This depends on the jurisdiction and is not an option.

Generally an offshore incorporation agent is registered in the country in which you are incorporating your company. And is registered with the offshore authorities of that country.

You may be incorporating in a country where your preferred agent is not registered. In this case he will be able to work with another registered agent from that jurisdiction.

Some of the most common uses of an offshore incorporation are:

  • Offer professional services
  • Trade
  • Own investments
  • Want a holding company
  • Are starting a Dot Com business
  • Own property
  • Are a shipping business
  • Are an employment company
  • Own intellectual property & earn royalty
  • Own assets e.g. house, yacht, buildings, jewelry
  • Work abroad

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It is easy to find an offshore agent on the internet. You could also get recommendations from your local lawyer or accountant.

Books are also available on how to do an offshore incorporation. Many of these will also have detailed laws and advantages of different jurisdictions.

You can also search this site for more information.

Please note that Know Your Client documents are required for each incorporation and can vary in complexity base on the jurisdiction and type of company you need.

Offshore incorporation agents are professionally trained and authorized to provide offshore incorporation information, advice and services.

These firms guiding you in the offshore incorporation process usually undertake the entire process themselves and fulfill all the legal requirements.

They will advise you of the various legal issues involved and complete all the relevant documentation.

Sometimes it may seem complicated to choose a reliable offshore agent because you don’t always know much about him / her. So ask as many questions as you want and check for openness.

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