Procedure for investment fund company incorporation in Mauritius.

An application for registration must be made through a licensed Management Company. The click to see the Know Your Client Documents that are required for company incorporation in Mauritius are:

* Constitution (3 copies)

* Notice of First Directors, Secretary and location of registered office

* Consent forms of Directors and Secretary

* Other information that is necessary for the establishment of a Company:

* Letters of reference from banker, lawyer, accountant (Letters of reference may be dispensed with if the promoter is itself a fund manager authorized in another jurisdiction. In such cases, the letters of reference may be replaced by proof of authorization in the other territory and a copy of the promoter’s latest accounts.

* Short CVs are needed of the persons to be involved in key positions in the Mauritian company).

* Certificate from local law practitioner

* Name and address of local representative

* Set of constitutive documents of the scheme (i.e, Prospectus, Custodian Agreements, sub Custodian Agreement, Investment Management Agreement, Administration Agreement, Investment Advisory Agreement, Secretarial and Registrar Agreement, etc.)

* Name and particulars of expatriate staff if required

* Brief track record of applicant and detailed business plan

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