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RAK Offshore Company | Benefits To You Of A RAK Offshore Company Registration

RAK Offshore Company is the quickest if your clients need the company for Middle East investments. Whether to own property, or companies, or even yachts.

RAK Offshore Company important features is that its company documents do not need any attestations for use in the GCC countries!
RAK Offshore Company incorporation is the easiest to do in the Middle East.

This is one of the top ten questions that clients don’t ask but should have answers to. This question deals with Information Disclosure. Please watch this RAK Offshore Company video for more information:

Please fill in the form on the right side for more information about your own offshore company and offshore bank account.

RAK Offshore Company formed in Ras Al Khaimah has instant accepatance in business and government in the UAE. It has ease of transactions also when you deal with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Finally it is a boon to those who trade via Dubai. This, the biggest trading hub of the Middle East has most of its business in import for re-export.
RAK Offshore Company | 7 Reasons Why Should You Own One With A Bank Account?

You get full and easy control of all assets through one legal entity
It liberates your ownership from local controls
Assures you that your beneficiaries will receive what you leave for them
Strengthens control on intellectual property and brands
Eases flow of money
What you own is not revealed automatically
Bank account in the currency of your choice

Please fill in the form on the right side for more information about your own offshore company and offshore bank account.
RAK Offshore Company Services Will Make You Feel:

Secure that we are not fly by night operators and are registered with the authorities
Greater confidence that you will not be surprised
Reassurance that the work will be as promised
Feel important, respected and in control
Online progress monitoring will show that we haven’t forgotten the job.
Satisfaction of selecting the best option and peace of mind
At ease with our discreetness
Save time and no rework

What You Will Receive From Our RAK Offshore Company Registration

After the RAK offshore company and bank accounts are completed, you will receive:

Certificate of company incorporation
Share certificates
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Bank account details directly from the bank
Agreements and contracts for the nominee services if you take them
Document legalization as necessary
Notarized or Embassy certified company documents if necessary
Online link and password to monitor the registration process when you place your order with us for a RAK offshore company
Itemized statement of activities and prices
Ongoing videos about offshore and how you can use it further
Mobile phone number of your client service team member

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