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Setup company in Dubai: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and discover how to save time in processing your application

Visa importance

Your application for visas is critical especially if you intend to move to Dubai. This becomes even more urgent if your family will also move with you.

As dependents on your visa, your visa needs to be applied for, medical done and stamped on your passport by the immigration department before you can sponsor dependent visas for your family.

If you are planning to start business immediately and have already identified employees, you will need to apply for their visas too.

These applications may need to be made even if you are not present in the country.

The visa application process is complicated and requires 36 steps and takes around 8 weeks. If your company’s Immigration and Labor cards are ready and valid, you will save 2 weeks.

If all goes well, it will be done faster. But in the United Arab Emirates [UAE] it is wise to keep time on hand for unforeseen difficulties.

Setup Company In Dubai | Outsource To Prevent Hassles & Queues


Setup company in Dubai: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and discover how to save time in processing your application

UAE company visa processing steps

Applying for company Immigration and Labor cards

In order to apply for a visa, every company in the UAE must have a valid Immigration and Labor cards for their companies. These cards confirm that the company is registered with the Labor and Immigration departments and is eligible to apply for employment and resident [for dependents] visas.

1. Work begins only after receipt of payment the from client.
2. Prepare application documents.
3. Visit the jurisdiction and submit the documents.
4. Make payment.
5. Submit the copy of the receipt to the appropriate counter.
6. Wait for the jurisdiction to confirm the issue of immigration and labor cards to the company.
7. Visit the jurisdiction.
8. Collect the Immigration and labor cards by showing appropriate authority.

This process takes 17 days if all goes well. Now you are ready to apply for your visa. It would be easier to apply for these cards along with your company registration itself.

Applying for a UAE company visa

1. Receive confirmation the from the client of the number of visas required and supporting documents required by the jurisdiction.
2. Prepare the documents for visa application including the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs attested Educational Degrees.
3. Confirm receipt of payment.
4. Visit the jurisdiction.
5. Submit the applications with attached documents to the appropriate counter.
6. Make the payment and submit the payment receipt to the appropriate counter.
7. Wait for the Entry Permit.
8. Follow up after 4 days.
9. Visit jurisdiction when Entry Permit ready.
10. Collect the Entry Permit.
11. Scan and send it to the client.
12. Confirm the arrival date of the client.
13. Deposit the entry permit the airport terminal where the client is expected to land.
14. Fix a date for the client’s medical test and Emirates ID.
15. Take client to the typing center.
16. Prepare application for the medical test for the client.
17. Take the client for biometric access registration [every jurisdiction is different].
18. Wait for the result.
19. Visit the jurisdiction and collect the report.
20. Submit the medical test, stamped Entry Permit, and passport for visa stamping.
21. Make the payment and submit a copy of the payment receipt.
22. Wait for the confirmation message of the passport is ready.
23. Visit the jurisdiction.
24. Collect the passport.
25. Update and deliver to the client.
26. Wait to hear from EMPOST that the Emirates ID is ready for collection.
27. Collect it from the PO BOX.
28. Scan and send it to the client.
29. Deliver it to the client.

Please note that if all goes well, applying for a visa requires 4 visits to the jurisdiction, 2 visits for the medical test and a visit for the biometric access registration.

The total time taken is approximately 42 working days not including the time it takes for the client to visit UAE after receiving the Entry Permit.

The visa and Emirates ID process are time-consuming. Dubai has an ‘urgent’ channel where you can faster service by paying more. But all jurisdictions aren’t like that.

Setup Company In Dubai | Outsource To Prevent Hassles & Queues

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Setup company in Dubai: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and discover how to save time in processing your application

Issues that can delay the process

The total number of days from applying for the Immigration and Labor cards and receiving the visa stamped in your passport may be longer for any number of reasons. Some of them are given below:

  • If your Arabic name has not been updated in the Immigration computer the process cannot begin. You will need to wait till this is done.
  • The Immigration or Labor department may be swamped or be functioning at a lower strength as during Ramadan.
  • Your chosen designation is not approved since your educational certificate is not attested by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs. This will require rework.
  • Your signature on your passport doesn’t match the one on your visa application. Rework and delays will take place.
  • Sometimes the jurisdiction will let you know directly that your passport is ready and you will need to inform us immediately so the passport can be picked up.
  • The total number of days will change depending on how many days after the issue of the Entry Permit the client arrive in Dubai.
  • The official weekend in the UAE is Friday and Saturday. So if you arrive on a Thursday, work will not be done on Friday or Saturday.
  • The number of days will also increase if you are not available in UAE.

You may find that the fee for doing all this is well worth it. The alternative would be for you to go back and forth to your jurisdiction wasting your time and money.

Setup Company In Dubai | Outsource To Prevent Hassles & Queues


Setup company in Dubai: Get a free quote now by filling in the box on the right and discover how to save time in processing your application

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