a) Trusts set up under the Trusts Act 2001 provide an effective and legitimate means of sheltering ones’ assets. Various types of Trusts may be set up by residents and non residents in Mauritius such as

– charitable,

– discretionary,

– purpose and trading trusts.

b) Registration of the trust is optional. Flexibility is provided under the Trusts Act in terms of determining the governing law applicable to a trust. There also exists the possibility to accumulate income for any period within the duration of the trust.

With regards to trusts set up by non citizens, the forced heirship rule does not apply.

The Trusts Act 2001 further allows the enforceability of a foreign trust provided that it does not purport to do anything which amounts to an offense under the law of Mauritius or is immoral or contrary to public policy.

c) A trust may carry on a Qualified Global Business after obtaining a Category 1 Global Business License for company incorporation in Mauritius. A trust may not apply for a Category 2 Global Business License.

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