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UAE company domain name registration: Domain name, why you need, how it works, included in fee

Varal fee for domain name registration & 3 emails set up: US$ 550 or AED. 2,000 per year.

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What is domain name registration

Today, every company that is serious about doing business must have a website and multiple company email IDs.

What will your web address be? Or even simpler, what should your company email ID be?

The easiest to remember would be your company name. So if your company name is XYZ trading LLC, then ideally, your domain name should be Subject to availability, of course.

And your email IDs would then be:

There are many suffixes, other than .com, available for the domain name today. Of course, it depends on your own thinking and availability of your company name for different suffixes.

You don’t buy domain names. Merely rent them for a period of time. So they need to be renewed every year. And without a valid domain name, you can’t host your emails on a web server. So hosting needs to be renewed annually too.

UAE Company Domain Name Registration

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Why do I need it

You may not need it if you don’t envisage using a company email ID. The company email signals professionalism and that you have an establishment. Some banks want to deal with email IDs belonging to a company.

The other reason to have one is that you will effectively be blocking the name from being used by someone else. Especially a competitor.

How does it work

Once your company is registered, decide on a domain name. A check on its availability will be made. If it’s already taken, alternatives will be presented to you.

Once you approve and make the payment, the domain name will be registered and 3 email IDs created for you for a year. They must be renewed annually.

Exact instructions to use them within Outlook or other email platforms shall be sent to you to make it easy for you.

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Why should I do it with you and not with a website professional

This service is quick and helps you to start business immediately. You can, of course, find a professional website developer to do your website.

However, this process may take 6 months. Why keep your email ID looking unprofessional till then?

All the backend can be transferred to your website developer whenever you are ready.

What does the fee include

The fee includes

  • Helping you select your domain name.
  • Registration of the domain name.
  • Hosting of your domain name so that emails can be created.
  • Creation of 3 email IDs as per your requirement.
  • Sending you a step by step instructions to use the email IDs via your email client platform.
  • Sending you a reminder for renewals.
UAE Company Domain Name Registration

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