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1. Varal business profile: Business, administrative & contact information

a. Business Name: Varal Consultancy DMCC

b. Business type: Limited Liability Company

c. Company registration number: DMCC17234

d. License number: DMCC-074150

e. Tel: +971 4 447 2061, +971 4 447 2064

f. Fax: +971 4 447 2089

g. E-mail:

h. Physical address:

i. 608 One Lake Plaza, Cluster T, Al Sarayat Street, Jumeirah Lake Towers, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates.
ii. Map: Google maps link

i. Postal Address: PO Box 11726, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

j. Courier Address: Varal Consultancy DMCC, 608 One Lake Plaza, Cluster T, Al Sarayat Street, Jumeirah Lake Towers, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates. Phone: +971 4 447 2061


Varal Business Profile | Earning Your Trust Everyday

Varal Consultancy DMCC Team

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2.Varal business profile: Introduction

a. Company History

Varal started registering Seychelles offshore companies on March 16, 2010. Ras Al Khaimah offshore was added subsequently in October 2010. Registration of UAE companies in free zones and nominee services commenced in 2011.

2013 was important in that we started a business relationship with a UAE national-owned company to offer sponsorships.

Varal LLC commenced business as a Dubai registered LLC company. In 2014 it shifted jurisdiction to the DMCC free zone and was renamed Varal Consultancy DMCC.

b. What the company does

Varal offers offshore & UAE company registration and allied services, anxiety-free, to entrepreneurs from around the world.

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3. Varal business profile: Strategy

a. Vision statement

i. We expertly offer innovative solutions for confidential business registration including nominee and related services in the UAE and other jurisdictions.

ii. We reach entrepreneurs and individuals around the world through the web and efficiently convert them into happy customers.

iii. Our productivity-focused employees earn high wages and benefits that enable them to live a good quality of life.

iv. Systematic and organized teamwork has enabled a continuous improvement in our processes and in the use of web technologies.

v. Varal is prosperous through consistently increasing cash flows and profits.

b. Mission statement

i. Ideal customers are

1. 25 to 55 yrs old.
2. From countries which Dubai’s vision 2021 is focusing on for its growth.
3. Who are looking to start a tax-free future
4. Who can be reached via the web

ii. Critical processes focused on by Varal.

1. Continuous growth in qualified leads from the web.
2. Automated persistent follow-up of leads and conversion into customers.
3. Project management to fulfill orders.
4. Continuous improvement in productivity and cut costs and errors.

iii. Meeting customer specifications every time.

c. Values

1. Customer obsessed

a. Use only customer feedback to guide the process and product improvements and add new products
b. Use only customer goodwill to build Word of Mouth demand
c. All product tracks must be triggered by customer orders or inquiries only
d. User experience becomes the stickiness factor to have clients return
e. Thrive on taking user feedback to launch improved versions of products and processes

2. Humility

a. Everything will fail
b. Respect compliances and rules and regulations as very important
c. Backups are important as errors occur in the system
d. Manage backup passively
e. Triangular check at every step to ensure accuracy
f. Respond immediately, act quickly
g. Make revisions as required in the byts quickly
h. The energy to find ways to resolve the issues quickly
i. We don’t have to be right – only to solve the user’s problem

3. Take full advantage of the power of compounding

a. Do today what we can do every day.
b. Not wait for big projects or ideas or actions.
c. No single solution will solve all problems
d. Zero Investment Improvements [ZIIs] and
e. Continuous improvement
f. Continuous learning

4. Build and automate assembly line tracks for every service required by customers and internal processes in Varal.

a. Deconstruct every task into reusable byts starting from end documents
b. Make tracks based on deconstructed byts for every process and product and automate completely and cheaply
c. Relentlessly starting every track only from the end document
d. UI must have a station to find the end document of what the client is asking for
e. If there is no available end document, make end documents for us to have
f. Jobs to be broken up into very small ones that low-trained people can do
g. Jobs must be done only through the tracks
h. All solutions must be a system based without human intervention required

5. Be continuously profitable by driving costs down relentlessly

a. Pay for work, not for making work
b. Use Micro Task Outsourcees [MTOs] as much as possible
c. Budgets should not be crossed
d. Use standardized software, stations, databases, and field functionalities, so they are reusable to cut costs
e. We should be able to get the work completed accurately, quickly, and debugged rather than by exotic coding solutions

6. Documentation for everything including internal communications

a. Every track must move on documents
b. Cuts out feelings and politics
c. Makes everything clear, concise, simple, and reliable
d. Nothing is implicit it must be written down into the track
e. Collating all information from the formal sources
f. All information either given to the client or asked from the client must be generated from the deconstruction of a track.
i. This information must be obtained by asking the question
1. What should I tell the client so that he can give me the correct answer for that field?

7. Manage risk rather than avoid it

a. Use Compliances, Permissions, Clocks, and Triangular Checks to manage it
b. Clocks are used to check the performance of people and stations and full job
c. Permissions built into every step it deconstructs the risk
d. Respect compliances and build them into every track
e. Build system design to minimize the loss due to hacking rather than to prevent it
f. Government rules will keep changing, so the system must be able to convert them into compliances and build them into our process tracks

8. Acquire skills, not people

a. Base skills required in Varal on Strategy
b. Encourage existing Varalians to keep upgrading their own skills
c. Acquire the best skills at affordable cost points wherever they are
d. Use Micro Task Outsourcing [MTO] to break up complicated tasks into those requiring low training
e. Keep thinking about jobs inhouse and doing jobs with MTOs
f. The values come in deciding and designing and breaking up so-called expert jobs into low-trained ones
g. Give small jobs to 3 people to ensure accuracy. Whichever 2 matches is the right answer
h. Keep total fixed headcount and wage cost low

9. Preserving Wealth

a. Varal data
b. Intellectual property, know-how
c. Customer data
d. Assembly lines
e. Savings
f. Profits
g. Net worth

d. Business goals & objectives

i. # of Companies / leads = 15%
ii. Expenses on Technology / GM = 15%
iii. Cost of training / GM = 5%
iv. GM / Sales = 40%
v. GM from new companies / Total GM = 50%
vi. GM from Renewals & Services / Total GM = 50%

e. Business strategy

i. Web-based acquisition of clients.
ii. Cloud-based services to convert prospects into clients.
iii. Ensure we meet client specifications to get referrals and repeat business.
iv. Productivity, quality, and continuous improvement to drive costs down.
v. Improve organizational knowledge base continues to better serve clients.

f. Economic intent

i. Economic intent is to make profits from the business while providing employees with a good standard of living.

Varal Business Profile | Earning Your Trust Everyday

Varal Consultancy DMCC Managing Director

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4. Business concept

a. Business model

i. Create and use a web-based business model in the company registration business and services to source leads, and cloud-based applications to convert them, fulfill orders, do accounts, receive payments, and keep in touch with clients for recurring business.

b. Products

i. Registration of companies in the free zones of the Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates [UAE].

ii. Registration of offshore companies in Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman & Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates and the British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Seychelles, and Mauritius.

iii. Registration of local companies in Dubai including arranging for UAE national ‘Sponsor’ or ‘Service Agent’.

c. Services

i. Advice & guidance on choosing the appropriate jurisdiction [from 25+] and license [from 2,100+]
ii. Help in the bank account setup
iii. Facilitate and solve problems

1. Bank
2. Legal
3. Jurisdiction

iv. Trust & Fiduciary Services
v. Act on behalf of clients
vi. Accounts and bookkeeping
vii. Nominee services

1. Bank
2. Signatory
3. Director, shareholder, manager

viii. Prepare documents including legal documents

1. Company registration
2. Visas
3. Amendments
4. Power Of Attorneys
5. Board Of Director’s resolutions

ix. Submit documents physically to banks, registration authorities
x. Monitor the completion of jobs using project monitoring software
xi. Renewals

d. Business competitiveness

i. Efficient in getting qualified leads from the web.
ii. Vertically integrated so have better control over execution.
iii. Wide knowledge base which is continuously growing.
iv. Deep experience of how things work in the registration centers and in the United Arab Emirates.
v. Highly educated staff with engineering and accounting degrees and MBAs.

Quality policy & objectives

vi. Work together as a team to continuously improve our quality management system by doing things right the first time to meet customer specifications with zero defects.

e. Service pledge

i. Your inquiries will be responded to quickly.
ii. All questions will be answered fully so that you can choose the best alternative.
iii. You will be able to trust us with your money before the job is done.
iv. You will know that your account agent is paying attention to your queries and that you are being taken seriously.
v. You will be able to start business transactions quickly.
vi. Your whole experience of dealing with Varal will give you a feeling of satisfaction.
vii. You will get complete information without having to ask repeatedly.
viii. Your anxiety related to advance payments will be minimized.

f. Value chain

i. Typically, a small to medium-sized business set up in the United Arab Emirates will require an investment of USD 150,000 to USD 1,000,000.
ii. Company setup costs start at USD 10,000.
iii. Our portion of the value chain is around USD 3,000. So a fraction of the total cost.

Varal Business Profile | Earning Your Trust Everyday

Varal Consultancy DMCC CEO

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5. Management and ownership

a. Management structure

i. Currently consists of a Managing Director, a Chief Executive Officer, 3 team leaders, and team members.

b. Ownership structure

i. Varal Consultancy DMCC is a limited liability company registered in DMCC a Free Zone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
ii. It has 1 majority owner

c. Directors

i. Ramapati Singhania, MD
ii. Ravindr Deshpande, CEO

d. Business & leadership skills

i. Both Mr. Singhania and Mr. Deshpande have 36+ years of experience, 25 of those in upper management.
ii. The team leaders are professionally qualified engineers or accountants.

e. Management

i. Ramapati Singhania and Ravindr Deshpande have grown this company from the time it started on March 16, 2010.
ii. Sales in the first month were USD 8,000.
iii. Currently, the company is growing at 40%+ per year.

f. Office and administrative personnel

i. As per the guiding philosophies of the company, all promotions are from within putting substantial pressure on us for growing our skill levels continuously.
ii. Consequently, there are no office or administrative personnel.
iii. Many of these jobs are done by the line people themselves.

g. Mentors & Consultants

i. John Alexander, Consultant, Canada.
ii. David Cavanagh, Mentor, Thailand.
iii. Fabian Lim, Mentor, Singapore.
iv. Vijaypat Singhania, Mentor, India.
v. Suresh Modi, Mentor, India.
vi. Jay Dvivedi, Mentor, United Arab Emirates.
vii. Subash Gupta, Mentor, United Arab Emirates.

h. Attorneys

i. Hani Al Jasmi Advocates & Legal Consultants, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

i. Accountants

i. TRC PAMCO Middle East, Auditors & Management Consultants, Post Box 94570, E-09, Mezzanine Floor, Al Owais Building, Al Rigga Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

j. People initiatives

i. The Varal team consists of people from India and the Philippines.
ii. 40% are women
iii. The average age is around 33 years

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6. Current customers and projects

a. In the last 5 years, Varal has handled more than 7,500 serious opportunities.
b. The typical customer billing is around USD 3,000.
c. A typical job lasts for 3 months.
d. At any given time 30 to 50 jobs would be under discussion.
e. 100+ jobs are at various stages of execution.

7. Completed projects

a. Varal has completed hundreds of company registrations.
b. Under confidentiality clauses, we are unable to disclose the names of these clients.
c. However, some have given permission to post part-testimonials on our website.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this Varal business profile.

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

O: +971 4 447 2061
Office Hrs: Su to Th, 0830 to 1830 Hrs., GMT +4
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Varal Business Profile | Earning Your Trust Everyday

Varal Consultancy DMCC Team

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