Why Offshore UAE

Why Offshore UAE Companies Help You Secure Your Wealth & Bequeath It Easily

Why Offshore UAE Companies Can Be Your Gateway To Confidentiality And Growth

Are you fed up with unclear information and hidden costs and are looking for someone who can clarify why offshore companies can benefit you, what they are, and incorporate them for you?

Do you want someone who will answer all your questions patiently till you are certain that you have the best solution, earn your trust, and give you a solution you can afford, respond quickly and openly to your queries without any hidden agenda. Also offer additional services after sale e.g. nominee services, subsidiary operating companies, virtual office services

What are offshore companies and offshore bank accounts?
Offshore companies are those that are registered in one of the 40 + tax haven countries around the world. We offer them in Ras Al Khaimah, Jebel Ali, Dubai, Mauritius, Seychelles & Cyprus.

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Their characteristics are:

  • Zero income corporate or wealth taxes
  • Ownership is kept confidential
  • Minimum share capital of only US$ 1
  • Can have nominee directors and or shareholders
  • Starting fees for an offshore company including a bank account is US$ 997
  • No audit required
  • Internet Banking
  • No need to visit
  • Quick to form and easy to operate

People move more than they did, so owning assets in their home countries is constraining when searching for worldwide opportunities. People feel exposed when what they own is easily known to friend document s, family and other agencies. The internet has enabled easier transfer of funds, and a worldwide market. So this is a worldwide solution.

Local asset ownerships come with many strings attached such as, annual audits, and restrictions on the movement of money, hiring and payment practices, apart from disclosure requirements. Beneficiaries mostly don’t know their benefactor’s holdings so inheritance becomes a complex issue.

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7 Reasons Why Should You Own An Offshore Company With A Bank Account?

  • You get full and easy control of all assets through one legal entity
  • It liberates your ownership from local controls
  • Assures you that your beneficiaries will receive what you leave for them
  • Strengthens control on intellectual property and brands
  • Eases flow of money
  • What you own is not revealed automatically
  • Bank account in the currency of your choice

Why Offshore company registration from us?

Using our services will make you:

  • Feel secure that we are not fly by night operators and are registered with the authorities
  • Greater confidence that you will not be surprised
  • Reassurance that the work will be as promised
  • Feel important, respected and in control
  • Online progress monitoring will show that we haven’t forgotten the job.
  • Satisfaction of selecting the best option and peace of mind at ease with our discreetness
  • Save time and no rework

When you incorporate an offshore company you receive a Certificate of Incorporation that is the evidence of forming a company, a set of Memorandum and Articles of Association, and a Share Certificate. You will also receive a bank account if opted for. In addition if any legalization of the documents is needed then that is done too.

If you would like to benefit from Nominee Services then you would receive a set of nominee agreements and a power of attorney that will give you power to run your business. If you have opted for a package of virtual office services then you would receive call forwarding and mail forwarding and other office services that the package defines.

Jebel Ali Offshore Company, Dubai. Starting from: US$ 5997

*Only offshore allowed to own property in Dubai. However it is the most expensive

Seychelles Offshore Company Starting From US$ 897

*Easy to incorporate and low cost. Banking responses are slow.

Mauritius Offshore Company From US$ 1997

*Well-known gateway to India. Local companies have advantageous tax treaties with India and others. Expensive for purely offshore companies. Lengthy documentation requirements. Great for investments into India via local companies

British Virgin Islands Offshore Company From US$ 2707

*Best know brand with 40% of market. However, recent agreements with US, UK & EU to hand over information for tax evasion

Ras Al Khaimah Offshore Company From US$ 1897

*Less expensive Middle East option. Quick to incorporate with Dubai bank account.

Cyprus Offshore Company From US$ 2617

*Low tax option in the EU. Costs are the same as Mauritius

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Guaranteed Best Prices In Dubai, UAE

Why offshore company registration today?

We think we are the lowest in Dubai. However, if you can bring us an invoice with a lower price for the same services as we are offering, from a Dubai licensed and registered company, we will match it Not only that, we will give you a US$ 50 reduction in your new price.

If you are looking to secure your assets confidentially, for whatever reason, then you need to act today! Our prices are low for a limited time only!

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What do you think is a good price to pay to ensure that your assets are secure, are owned confidentially and that you can pass them on to your heirs easily?

As a percentage of your assets? That’s what insurance companies charge.

As a percentage of your investments? That’s what an Investment planner charges.

Why offshore company registration?

Because it is done at a flat low fee. Regardless of the value of assets you own in them. Or the amount of income you generate in them. Is the low starting fee of US$ 897 worth it to you to secure your assets?

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Why Buy Today? Why offshore company registration should be done by you today!

8 Reasons Why You May Think You Can’t Afford An Offshore Company With A Bank Account Today. It sounds too expensive!

  • An Offshore Company with a bank account costs less than US$ 4000 to set up.

How does this compare with other solutions that will bring you peace of mind or savings in other levies you are making today? I am not rich!

  • The process is now affordable for anyone protecting more than US$ 20,000!

What will be the use to me?

There are many reasons why people form Offshore Company companies. How will I control the Offshore Company and bank account in a foreign land?

  • Once the company is made you don’t need to control it. Just use it. Use the bank account which is in your company’s name. Only you know about it. All communications are via email or use internet banking. You don’t need to go there.

It sounds very complicated! Yes, paperwork is required.

  • And we will be there holding your hand through the entire process. Even afterwards, if you need us.

I have to disclose information about me? Yes you do. After 9/11, enhanced security has made it mandatory.

  • However all information you disclose is kept confidential.

How do I know this is not a scam? It sounds too simple to be legal?

  • We are one of the few Offshore Company agents whose location you can find on the website, and a profile on more than 50 social sites.
  • The process is very legal and is offered by more than 40 other countries. We are registered company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Registered Agents of RAK Offshore.

Will I really own my assets and wealth? Or will you? Of course you will.

  • The company is in your name. The bank account will be in your company’s name. We will never have any idea of what is happening in your company or bank.
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PS: What is it worth to you to have a solution that will take care of your worries? Ask us for a free quote!   Are you still looking for reasons not to act?

Step out of your comfort zone! Successful people act. Act now and feel secure. Your peace of mind is only an email away.

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